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Art skills I applied to Writing

Learn the fundamentals As an artist, you have to learn the fundamentals of anatomy, composition, lighting and perspectives. You can’t skip these fundamentals. However, once you learn the fundamentals you can break the ‘rules’ quite confidently and still produce a pleasing image. Don’t skip on the fundamentals of plot, pacing and characterisation. It might seem […]

Tempus TV is out

I am pleased to announce that my novelette is now available at the kindle ebook store. If you’re a fan of blade runner, the matrix and other science fiction movies, you’ll really enjoy this tale. Even better, it is free on Kindle Unlimited.

The silence is not deafening

  So, I realise that I haven’t been on the social media scene for a few months. Life had gotten hold of me. It is not an easy act to balance working full time, writing novels and creating art. The good news is that I have two new projects that I am working on and […]

The ‘Introverted’ Writer

I found this article from the guardian very interesting. What lies beneath: an introvert’s guide to fiction – and life It basically talked about some artists, including writers, being  introverted. In an extroverted world, being an introvert can seem to be some sort of a “dirty” word. Each profession has a stereotype attached to them. […]

The part where I announce…

I’m glad to finally announce that after 8 years in progress, my book the Damnation Plays is finally available to buy on amazon. I would like to thank all my followers for their continual support. Don’t forget to check it out. Now available on amazon It has been a long journey but I am glad […]

Why writing gives me joy

This is a post close to my heart. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved writing. I would write about myself, the world and the people around me. My writing back then was child-like, of course, but it brought great joy to me and it was something that I enjoyed. Then I grew […]

Fan fiction – to do or not to do

A vital part of my development of writer is to write about everything and anything. When I was younger, I was a big fan of fan fiction and I have contributed to the fandom myself. The ones that I was particularly interested in was “Harry Potter” and “Buffy the vampire slayer” as well as the […]