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“It wasn’t the coma that was bad, the awakening was far worse…”

Mia Castle wasn’t expected to wake up – ever.  Two years ago, she had driven her motorcycle to come in between the paths of a truck and her friend Tom in order to save his life. Disastrously, she was hit, putting her in a long coma. However, after a miraculous awakening, she defied the medical odds to become fully independent but was at the same time left with both physical and mental scars.

Since the accident two years ago, her fiancée had moved on and unexpected events had happened in the lives of people she loves. Mia herself had changed. She now experienced visions that spanned time and space. With no explanations in sight, she tried to get away from it all by holidaying in a small cottage in Wiltshire.  There, she meets Blake Carter. Blake with his dark, smoldering looks and mysterious aura was unlike any man that Mia had ever met. However, he hid a secret that could tear them apart.

Unbeknown to Mia, Blake had been looking for the Damnation Plays and Mia could be the key to finding it.

The Damnation Plays had been in existence for thousands of years. Concealed by dark forces it could bring damnation to the world.

New alliances will be forged and old friendships tested as Mia races against time to prevent the deliverance of a legendary evil.



The full moon was out in full force and everywhere was clouded in darkness. I felt nervous undertaking the fifteen-minute walk from the library to my house in the night. A voice at the back of my head told me to call the taxi but I quickly dismissed it. I thought the path was well lit. By the time that a taxi would have come, I could probably have arrived safely at home. So, I decided to take the risk.

I started walking.

Nothing scared me much. I recognised the sound of owls and animals scuppering in the midst of the night. It was nothing harmful. Then came another sound.

A tree branch broke. I looked around but saw nothing. A sigh escaped my mouth. I continued on the path but was now walking more briskly than ever. I heard another sound – this time it was a whimper. It sounded like a woman’s voice. The road curved to the right where there were thick area of shrubs and wood. I was sure that it was where the sounds were coming from. I wondered whether to turn around back to the direction of the library but the house I was staying in wasn’t far away. Once I got past the shrub, I would enter an open and more secure area.

I edged closer to the shrub and was shocked to decipher speech. It wasn’t quite clear but I could hear someone saying “Don’t hurt me,” and someone else laughing. I spread the shrub apart and was terrified to see a large man holding down a petite woman on the floor. I couldn’t see their faces but I could imagine how scared the woman might be.

I started to retreat from the scene. I could feel my heart beating even faster, pumping blood fiercely through my veins. I tried to think clearly. I knew that I had to get the police to the scene as soon as possible but I knew it wasn’t the best idea to call them whilst so close to the crime scene. Memories of the robbery that I’ve been subjected to earlier during the day still remained strong in my head and that made me jittery.

I took one step back but in the process the sleeve of my coat got stuck in a shrub. When I tried to pull it free, the shrub rattled.

“Who’s there,” said the man suddenly, raising his head.

Horrified that I’ve made a deadly slip, I closed my mouth and stood frozen as a statue. However, that wasn’t enough because a large figure began making his way towards me.

I ran away. My skin brushed against the thorny bushes, which cut through it. I didn’t care as I ran straight through the bushes. Then, something hit me at the back of my head.

I crashed down to the earth.

Someone held me up by the head. My mouth was covered by the hands of another person.

He turned me around. Then, I finally saw him.

Up close, he looked even more terrifying. The skin of his face was filled with deep pits and scars. His mouth was open, revealing a set of yellow teeth. His breath smelled of whisky.

“So what have we got here?” said the man in a leering voice.

I tried to kick him but my kicks landed upon the empty air.

A punch landed on the side of my ribcage. I recoiled in pain.

“You’ve done something really stupid. The girl that I was messing with… She has escaped and it’s all your fault.”

“Please, let me go,” I pleaded, the pain shot up my body.

I felt a pair of hands gliding beneath my blouse. I shuddered in horror. Tears started to run down my face.


The man turned around, taking me with him.

A figure appeared out from the shadow, inching closer towards me. At first, I didn’t know who it was but the closer he got the more his features became more prominent until I recognised him.

“Blake,” I whispered.

“Leave the lady alone,” said Blake. His face was thunderous.

I looked up and saw the man who held me sneering. “What if I don’t?”

I couldn’t make out much of Blake in the dark but he was some distance away from us. Then, the next thing I saw was Blake leaping up into the skies. Then, like a bat, he glided through the air in a downward motion until he grabbed the man by the neck.

I was immediately released from the grip of the man. I quickly scrambled to safety, a few distance away from the battle that was ensuing between Blake and the man who had held me captive.

My breath was fast and forceful while my heart felt it would break through my chest. Still, I watched as the action unfolded around me.

Both parties launched punch and blows against each other. However, the assailant was no match to Blake who flung him around like a rag doll.

Then, the battle reached its final conclusion. Blake closely followed the man who had now staggered to the ground. Blake then bent down and lifted the man on his shoulders.

For a brief second, my eyes locked with Blake’s eyes. His iris had turned to the colour that was of the blackest of abyss. I was scared but at the same time I wanted to extend my arms and reach out to him.

Blake threw the man’s body with as much effort as someone threw a pebble. I could only look as the body travelled through the air like a projectile into some far flung place.

It seemed like time stood still. I exhaled and inhaled air forcefully. Blake was inanimate. He was like a statue, rather than a man, who stood before me.

Eventually, he flinched his hands and the rest of his body responded in turn. It was a slow motion but he turned his head towards me, our eyes meeting again. This time, there were no darkness in his eyes; just their normal grey colour. However, I couldn’t help notice the sadness in his face. Like a blot on a beautiful painting, the sadness seemed to overshadow everything else.

“Go!” said Blake in a harsh voice.

The cruel way he looked and spoke to me felt like a slap to the face but perhaps that was what I needed because before I knew it, I was roused from my state of shock.

“What the hell just happened?” I said.

“It’s not any of your business,” replied Blake.

“Not any of my business? That man almost raped me. I want to know-“

“The only thing you need to know is that he won’t be coming after you or anyone else anymore.”

I shook my head, “There was a woman. She was just standing over there. She must be hurt and distraught.  He was in the middle of attacking her when he saw me. We need to find her. We need to take her to the hospital.”

“Mia, do you have a death wish?” asked Blake.

“I just need to know if she’s okay. That’s all.”

“If that’s all you want then I’ll make that sure she is okay. I’ll search the area tonight.”

“Thanks,” I found myself saying.

Blake continued. “Now go home. I hate to think what would have happened if I haven’t seen you.”

“Yeah, I will go home.”  I replied

I continued on my path to the cottage. However, I couldn’t resist turning around to see Blake one last time again.

To my disappointment, he was gone –He had probably gone into the night. I realised that I was once again alone. Now, I felt the force of my solitude crushing me.





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