The ‘Introverted’ Writer

I found this article from the guardian very interesting.

What lies beneath: an introvert’s guide to fiction – and life

It basically talked about some artists, including writers, being  introverted. In an extroverted world, being an introvert can seem to be some sort of a “dirty” word.

Each profession has a stereotype attached to them. There’s the long suffering artists, the scientific genius, the ruthless businessman and others. Writers are no different. People make a lot of assumptions when you tell them that you’re a writer. Som people might think that you’re living the high life. Some will think that you’re set for life writing bestsellers whilst others will think that you have it easy because, after all, anyone can write a book. I have encountered lots of stereotypes about writers. However, there are few that tackles a particular subset of writers: The introverted writer.

For the purpose of this blog post, an introverted writer is self- explanatory. It is someone who is not very social. The reason for this could be multi-factorial. Some people might just prefer their own company rather than the company of others. Some people might feel anxious whilst dealing with people. Some people might not know how to handle social situations. However, they all derive tremendous satisfaction from writing. I am not saying that extroverts can’t be writers. In fact, there are plenty of extroverts who write.

What’s unique about writers is our ability to tell a story and make our words come alive on the page. Writers have a powerful sense of observations. Perhaps it’s the act of being cut off from the ordinary everyday human interactions that nurture the instinct to tell a story, to get inside the head of a character and create another world.


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