Fan fiction – to do or not to do

A vital part of my development of writer is to write about everything and anything. When I was younger, I was a big fan of fan fiction and I have contributed to the fandom myself. The ones that I was particularly interested in was “Harry Potter” and “Buffy the vampire slayer” as well as the marvel comics universe.

I understand that it can be a fiery issues. There are some who believes that fan fiction is not truly a form of writing. Then, there are some who believes that fan fiction is a great way to sharpen your writing skills.

A notable work that started off as fanfiction was the “fifty shades of grey” trilogy. It was originally a Twilight fan fic.

I believe that fan fiction is a good way to practice your writing skills and gain readers. After all, you’ve got a readily available characters and an already established universe. However, its advantages can be a curse. Unless you want to write alternative universe fan fiction, I found that it can sometimes be too constricting. Readers sometimes don’t like the characters being changed too much and the universe modified too much. Then, there is the trap of continuing to write fan fiction instead of innovating to write new works and building new universe of your own.

I know that writing is not easy. Fan fiction can be fun but at the same time it is wise to stay on the side of caution and try write original fiction.

I don’t write fan fiction anymore but I think that for new writers it can be a great way to find your voice.  Furthermore, you’ve got an established fan base who are more willing to review your work.


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