Music and Writing does mix.

music-7.jpg                           I love listening to music and I also love writing. So, it is only natural to try and do both.  I know many a writers who prefers their quiet space whilst writing but there are also people who love to listen to music and write.

For me, I am in the middle. Although I love listening to music and also writing, it can sometimes prove a distraction. My mind wanders when I hear music and it can be hard to juggle both tasks at once.

I adore different types of music. However, I find that not every music agrees with my writing. Hence, to compromise and to find a happy medium I try to listen to classical music whilst writing. The lack of lyrics makes it easier for me to concentrate on the writing tasks at hand.

I also love listening to film scores whilst writing. In fact, I prefer film scores to classical music. They are more upbeat and I believe they kind of tell a story.

Hans Zimmer film scores are great.

So, what side of the fence do you stand on? Do you think writing and music can mix or does one or the other have to suffer


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