Third Draft Blues

As you guys will probably know, I am still in the process of writing “the angels of fire” trilogy. For the first novel “The Damnation Plays” I am currently on my third draft. This means that I’ve written two other earlier versions and have slowly streamlined and honed my writing and ideas to make it into a publishable novel. However, I am aware that it won’t all be ready even then because I still need to send it to my trustworthy and friendly beta reader.

I’ve written novels before but I’ve never published them. They’re somewhere hiding away in my proverbial attic waiting to see the light of the day.  However, this is different. I am planning to publish the “Angels of fire trilogy”. This brings another different set of pressures upon me as an author because I want to give my readers the best possible experience reading my novel.

I’ve also discovered the flaws of my novel whilst writing the third draft. For example, I’ve got a minor character getting hurt in a pivotal scene but in the subsequent scene I didn’t manage to follow it up as none of the main characters asked the question to see whether this character is still okay. It’s these sort of things in the continuity that can ruin a great novel. On the other hand though, I’ve discovered some great scenes and dialogues that I could expand on.

Third draft are tricky in the sense that you know what’s going to happen so it can be hard staying on track to finish it. However, that didn’t stop me from discovering some surprising twist and turns to add to my story.

One of the greatest advice someone gave me about writing is to ‘not lose sight of the story’. I know I’ve got a good story on my hand – according to me anyways- and it would be a shame not to publish it and let the world know. Isn’t it what we all want as authors?

Now, I just got to plod through the third draft, finish it and await the dreaded feedback. More to come…


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