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With Summer comes changes

Hello everyone, I’ve made a change which might seem trivial but is quite a huge one for me. I’ll be ditching my pen name. Therefore, all my future writings will be under my real name. You might be asking why? My book, the Damnation Plays, will still be listed under Chantal Ravens. However, I am […]

The silence is not deafening

  So, I realise that I haven’t been on the social media scene for a few months. Life had gotten hold of me. It is not an easy act to balance working full time, writing novels and creating art. The good news is that I have two new projects that I am working on and […]

How I created my book trailer

A how-to guide on creating a book trailer

Free for a limited time only!

The Damnation Plays is free for a limited time only on Kindle. Discover the worlds of Mia Castle and Blake Carter. It’s going to be a thrilling ride.  Don’t forget to leave a review. “It wasn’t the coma that was bad, the awakening was far worse…” Mia Castle wasn’t expected to wake up – […]

The ‘Introverted’ Writer

I found this article from the guardian very interesting. What lies beneath: an introvert’s guide to fiction – and life It basically talked about some artists, including writers, being  introverted. In an extroverted world, being an introvert can seem to be some sort of a “dirty” word. Each profession has a stereotype attached to them. […]

The Damnation Plays Book Trailer – New Fantasy/Paranormal Novel

I finally had the time to create the book trailer for my recently released novel. Check it out on youtube under its full glory here and don’t forget to download your copy at Amazon:  

World Building the easy way

Whether you’re writing a fantasy or a general fiction novel, there’s no escaping from world building. So what is it? The simplest definition I can find on the internet is that world building is the construction of a world in the realm of fiction. When confronted with creating a world, some authors balks at the […]