Monthly Archives: June 2013

Summer chillin’

The above photo was taken from the garden. It seems that everything has been in full bloom ever since summer arrived in England. Today’s weather, although not the hottest, has been good. I hope for more great weather although a part of me fears I’ll spend more time outside than finishing my novel! Advertisements

Here’s to Luck

I’ve always believed that Lady Luck plays a big part in our lives from the very small to matters of life and death. I am due to sit an exam on Friday which explains why my blog has been relatively quiet. I hope my hard work pays off and that luck is smiling down on […]

Awesome Creative Book Cover Tutorial part 2

In this second part of the tutorial I will make some major adjustments to my source image. In my humble opinion only your imagination is the limit when making design works like this. One advice which is really important is to save your work regularly. I’ve had some major losses in the past when GIMP […]

Awesome Creative Book Cover Tutorial part 1

My friends and acquintances have often asked me how I design book covers. In all honesty, I don’t know myself. Just like my writing, I come up with ideas on the spot. With this tutorial I try to structure the process down. So here it goes: I often use GIMP for the time being since […]

The proper care and feeding of ideas

A light bulb moment occurs   I believe in the importance of ideas. In fact, I almost worship ideas because that’s what keeps me going when I find that the first draft of my novel is going nowhere or I am at the brink of giving up. Sometimes I get ideas at the spur of […]

The brain is a …

The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office. Robert Frost Never a truer word has been said. My brain, although whizzing with ideas for my novel, stops doing this the minute I start to work.