Introducing new comic – Ruben

I have always been fascinated by the comics as a medium to tell stories. I have always wanted to do a graphic novel once I’ve finished my novels. However, I am aware it takes time and great commitments to get one done. I can draw and write so that’s a bonus. There’s an idea spinning round in my head at the moment and that’s the spinoff for the “angels of fire” series which will focus on a new character who makes his first appearance in the condemnation games. The idea isn’t fully fleshed out and neither are the art works but I decided to upload it up on wordpress anyways. Enjoy and tell me what you think about the “teaser” which I’ve uploaded. I know the colours are bad and the dialogues don’t give too much away but I’ll explain it anyways. It’s about a guy, Ruben, who decides to cut off his engagement, throw the ring away and set up a very “special agency” in the heart of London in a fictional place called Grayeham. Did I forget to mention he has a very beautiful secretary?

page12comic template2 Page3 page4ruben


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