Wattpad and Writing

Hi guys, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon that is Wattpad and decided to post a story onit. Whilst, I’ve decided not to post the angels of fire Trilogy on Wattpad, there’s a similar story (think of it as a spinoff set in a similar universe but with its own distinctive taste) called Finding Anita. Feel free to click on the link below:


What happens when you let a half demon child loose? Especially one that is hormonal and see everyone and everything as a threat. Mon is no angel and his wife Penelope is anything but. However, when their daughter Anita suddenly disappears one day under mysterious circumstances each have to find their own way to bring her back. Mon literally makes a deal with the devil and Penelope enlists the help of former flame turned detective Ruben Bax. Problem is Ruben doesn’t want anything to do with her after being dumped twelve years ago and Mon might have gotten more than he bargained for with his demonic deal. With time running out and dastardly demonic plots being hatched, Will Anita ever be found?

Feel free to look me up on wattpad and comment on my story.


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