Awesome Creative Book Cover Tutorial part 2

In this second part of the tutorial I will make some major adjustments to my source image. In my humble opinion only your imagination is the limit when making design works like this. One advice which is really important is to save your work regularly. I’ve had some major losses in the past when GIMP decided to act up and then shut down without saving my work. Imagine my horror to discover I’ve lost some great work and most importantly time which I’ll never get back.

On to the tutorial anyways.

There’s this interesting function called threshold in GIMP. At first I didn’t see the point of this function but I’ve used it several times now and can’t see why I didn’t like it at first. It can be accessed by going to Colors> Apply Threshold.


I had to thinker with the values in order to get the end result above but as you can see it gives an interesting image.


I created a new layer underneath. I used the paintbucket tool to add a golden yellow colour to the new layer and then reduced the transparency so that my image can show up.


Finally I add text to the cover.

So here is the final image:







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